What You Need From Hardie Siding?

A lot of people believe they have to have a good siding installed because it is what is protecting their home from the outside elements. It is true that this defensive layer is stopping structural damage and preventing mildew, water and pest infestation to ruin the house. And since the appearance of the house is determined by the siding, it should be beautiful as well as strong. Hardie siding is offering all these qualities.

Of course, there are many options here 0 metal, wood, stone, brick. But, a very popular solution for the past few decades is hardie. There are many benefits other products do not have. But, what exactly you need from this type of home siding? Lets list a few important features most people require their siding to have.

Appearance – A Lot Of Options

There are many colors and textures to choose from and this is what most people like. You can create a traditional or a contemporary design, there are many patterns to choose from.

The Cost – It’s Affordable

The money you need to spend on hardie siding is somewhere between vinyl and brick, but it offers a lot more value. It will last longer than vinyl but is less expensive than brick, with many choices when it comes to color and design. It’s a energy efficient option that will save you money in the long run as well. You can visit http://hardiesidingguide.blogspot.com/ to find out more about why this solution is so popular among the people.

Easy To Maintain

You can use a water hose to clean the siding, you won’t need anything else. You can paint the siding without having to replace the planks, which saves you money when you want to make another look or freshen up the color.

Durability And Resilience

You won’t have problems with dust mites, termites, carpenter ants or some other pests. Also, the weather won’t affect hardie siding, any climatic condition is suitable for it. And you will not have to deal with chipping or denting since these planks are durable and resilient.

When Should You Replace Your Home Siding?

Sometimes we decide to replace our home siding because of the appearance and because we want to change the look of our home completely. And sometimes, the replacement is needed to prevent midlew and water damage, as well as to prevent rodents from coming inside the house. And if you do not know how to determine if your siding has to be replaced, I will show you a couple of simple ways to determine the integrity of your siding.

Your Wood Siding Should Be Replaced If

Take a few moments and walk around your backyard, while observing the exterior of your house. You should look for signs of damage and aging which are typical for wooden exterior – mildew, plintering, rot and mold. If you notice any of these, this means your home isn’t protected well. If there is more damage outside, this may indicate that there is also damage inside the siding, something you can’t see so easily. One other thing you can look for is the paint scratches and peels, to see if the paint should be scraped and repainted. When you notice nails sticking out here and there, that means moisture is destroying the wood and expanding it from the inside. In such severe cases, replacement is required. Your best bet here would be to go with hardie planks because they are more durable than wood.

wood siding

Your Vinyil Siding Needs To Be Replaced If

If you notice holes, cracks, popped nails or chip. Most people do not notice these things immediately, because they don’t take time to stop and look. Passing by your home every day is making you oversee the details. There could be many planks damaged, but you would need to take time to actually look at the vinyl siding. It is also a great idea to take a look along the length of your home. If you notice warped and wavy planks, you will have to call a contractor to get these replaced soon. Warped or wavy vinyl planks indicate water damage. Again, getting hardie boards is a good option here too.

vinyl siding

You Are Looking For An Energy Efficient Home

IF you want to reduce your carbon footprint and have an energy efficient home, you need to reconsider aluminum, wood and vinyl siding. They have certain limitations when heating and cooling bills come into play. Your house can be more efficient with hardie siding.

Good Looks Are Important Too

In case your exterior isn’t suffering from any water damage, moisture, cracks or warped planks, it still might need replacement. The looks of your siding may be so unappealing that you may choose to replace it. Old, unattractive exterior with faded paint or too wide planks can be replaced with the help of a contractor. It’s your choice, after all, and you should do as it pleases you.

What Most People Don’t Know About – Hardie Zone

Siding should ideally be able to offer protection to your home from natural elements that it is exposed to. Any homeowner would like to ensure that the siding installed at home could withstand the elements of the area. All over the world, each area is exposed to a different kind of weather. You can buy a Hardie Board Siding that has been tested for the Hardie Zone. This is something most people don’t know about, so I’m going to focus my post around this.

You may visit the website of James Hardie to have a better understanding of Hardie Zones. It researches different areas as per weather variations and designs a sliding that will give best performance in those weather conditions. Simply put it means that the sliding recommended for normal weather zone will not be suitable for a zone that faces lots of snow or rain. So, you should specifically be buying a Hardie Board Siding that has been created for the weather zone to which your area belongs.

James Hardie has categorized ten different weather zones and prepares its sidings suitable for these. Further, each zone has been given eight different parameters to which the siding is tested for. The eight parameters go to include topographical factors.

These eight include presence of hurricanes and hail, the likely amount of snow and rainfall, humidity levels, the UV range, and the normal temperature prevailing in the region. All of these factors are taken into consideration for producing a durable siding.


The Hardie Board Siding that any consumer buys would have been tested for all these variables and produced as per the climatic conditions prevailing in the region for which the consumer intends buying it. No house can be provided a cent percent protection from fire, but the materials used for making this siding help in preventing spreading of fire, if there is one. Whichever climatic zone you might be living in, this siding is designed to resist that and it will be able to bear thunderstorm.